Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lamb count

Lambing season started March 7th, a Tuesday. Tia gave birth to two healthy lambs around dinner time in the lambing pen. Next up was Ursa, a couple days later, followed quickly by Silvia on Saturday. Still to go is Vera, a newby. Since she will likely have only one, possibly two, we expect seven or eight lambs total, more than doubling our sheep population.

All mommies and lambs are doing well so far.

Edana was present in the barn for Tia's second lamb, which came out very quickly. She just kind of pooped her out, which set Edana to screaming. She thought the sheep had suffered an "owee."

One sheep indeed had suffered an owee, however. While all the fuss was happening over lambs, Garfunkel the ram, who's never been a good eater, decided to go off his feed. On inspection he was found to be anemic, and wormed. He didn't respond well and eventually went into a coma. I put him down yesterday. I was pretty upset to have to do this, since he was a very pleasant fellow, for a ram. More than likely his replacement will be less so. Rams are typically pretty knuckle-headed.

All's well that ends well, though. Here is Edana the day after she was scared of Tia's new lamb, happy again to see the babies.