Friday, July 11, 2008

Latest pictures: High summer on the farm

Summertime, and the living is easy... NOT! The weeding, woodcutting, wood stacking, livestock management, and all the work of running a homestead, while also fixing up a 108 year old home, is about as easy as you would think. But it keeps us active, and we are eating our own fresh veggies again. The garden, thoroughly fertilized with about two tons of sheep manure and bedding, is growing like Topsy, the tomatoes are now taller than Aimee and the pole beans are outgrowing nine feet poles. These are the most advanced tomato plants we know of in the neighborhood. Most other tomatoes around here are just a couple feet right now. Amazing what you can do with good soil-building techniques.

Just shows that the old fashioned mixed livestock-and-crop farming system does have it's advantages over today's monocultures, but also over the fashionable vegan idea of excluding livestock from agriculture. And the pigs get to eat the weeds, the chickens eat the bugs, and the sheep get to mow the lawn. All as nature and 6,000 years of northern European/American agricultural knowledge intended.

Now if there were just a natural control for potato bugs....

Enjoy the pictures below.

Aimee hiding in the beans: a green imp?

How we dispose of weeds: to the pigs! And they scoff them up.

The dreaded Colorado potato bug. Evil little buggers.

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