Monday, December 1, 2008

Aimee is a great photographer, a skill she puts to work for her in the classroom and in science research.

But her favorite muses are our animals. Here's a selection of what I found on her camera yesterday.

The big blond fluffy hens are our Buff Orpington layers, who were babies this spring.

They all get names, although it takes a while for Aimee to figure out which bird gets what name. She generally waits until they distinguish themselves in some recognizable way.

This is "Spike" and "Skippy." Spike has a spiky comb. Skippy likes to skip.

The next shot is Shenzhi-cat trying to catch the water coming out of our basement sump pump.

That cat will catch anything and everything.

Then there's Mo, laying an egg in the hay rack, followed by a shot of the chicks in the new greenhouse, partly constructed so far.

I've decided that this greenhouse is Aimee's Christmas present. Aimee. for her part, bought me something on eBay, but won't say what. I hope it's a Land Rover.

Back to the pictures.

Finally, there's a shot of Buela, who is our most aggressive, cock-like hen. The aggression really comes out in the shot. I think that hen wants to peck the camera.

Buela likes to fight with Aimee. Aimee pretends to fight back, and they have a kind of fake cockfight regularly.

I guess you have to be there to fully enjoy the sight of a tiny hen fighting a short German-American farm-wife. But I recommend it.

Like I said, we entertain ourselves around here. Animals are better than TV.

It may seem lame to some more sophisticated types, but it's a life.

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