Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taking a walk with the dogs in the snow

I decided to try my luck on the beaver pond trail. The snow has been melting and settling, but it hasn't set up like it so often does in spring, when you can walk on top. Still, it only took a modicum of "post-holing" to get down there.

When I arrived, I discovered the dam had broken and the pond level had fallen several feet, dishing the ice in smooth glassy, wavy channels. The beaver lodge was sporting beaver tracks, as was the whole area. I didn't see any beaver, but the tracks, with the belly slide clearly showing, are unmistakable.

The dogz didn't much take to post-holing, and dogged me all the way down, refusing to go ahead and break trail. Mary was pretty sad about the whole thing at one point, just as I took the shot of her in the distance. Next thing you know, she's digging for a squirrel. Crocodile tears.

So I broke trail for them. But there was no gratitude. On the way back, they ran off home, hoping for an early dinner I guess, and I thought they'd abandoned me. But I turned a corner and there was Haggis's shaggy red butt. He was waiting patiently for his slow old two-legs.

He's a good dog.

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