Thursday, July 2, 2009

Down at t'mill, laddie

Eee bah gum. T'were yesterday we took t'auld waggon to t'mill we alus wool fer to spin. A reet nice day out for t'lass and me.

Yorkshire dialect
aside, we did go to the woolen mill yesterday with our wool clip, which we duly traded for wholesale yarn. There's a fee. You don't get the new yarn for free, but you do get it a lot cheaper than you'd pay retail, less than half price.

So, knitters all, we now have 130 skeins of yarn to sell in different colors, mostly natural light and dark grey like our sheep, but some dyed stuff too. The wool all goes in a pool at the mill, so it's not all our fleece, but it's possible that some of ours from the year before last is mixed in.

It's really nice yarn. Lots of pictures of this yarn are online: just google "Bartlet Yarns. The price is $7/skein plus postage or shipping. We have at least ten skeins of each color.

Email with orders, or look for our ads on eBay coming up soon.

In related news, the wikipedia page on Yorkshire dialect relates the following:
"An April 2008 survey found that Yorkshire accents are now ranked above Received Pronunciation for inspiring confidence in the speaker."

Ah, well. Twas ever thus, weir ah'm from.

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