Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last o' the lamb

I deliberately cleaned out our freezer Wednesday, in preparation for our annual-greet the-new-students smoke at the College. Our Center, Sustainability and Global Change, has one great advantage if you think about it: we study the food supply. One of the other profs bought a cider press, and we had smoked leg of lamb, pork kebabs and apple cider, with salads and chips (crisps).

All that remains in the meat freezer is fatback and pre-haggis (ground up lamb's organs). I have no plan to use either right now. I could use a gas ring outdoors to render the lard from the fatback, but I haven't used all the lard I made last year yet. Aimee won't use it in baking, and I prefer olive oil (the greener the better) for frying, so it's only good for my odd baking moments, usually biscuits, soda bread or the like.

Now it's time to go get the start of the new meat, our ex-pig Van, who is ready today.

Cycles of nature, cycles of nurture.

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