Friday, May 7, 2010

Peep panic

Here are all our peeps piled into the corner of their brooder, to avoid the camera as it appears from above, like some giant scary space alien.

It must be scary to be such a tiny little being, all full of peepy life and just wanting to survive, and then the big beings show up with feed and cameras, and yes, Aimee, cruelty incarnate, did lift the cat up to the brooder -- Shenzi the vicious hunter cat -- so the bloody-clawed feline monster could get a look.

Poor little peeps.

Aimee, who is In Charge of Peeps (ICP?), decided to branch out and try some Araucunas, in addition to the usual Golden Comets and Buff Orpingtons. She was funny to watch as I drove her back from the Farmer's Union, with her nose in the box, laughing at all the peepy antics.

I like the Buffs myself, such big fluffy, solid hens. And any hen named after an English village, even one that probably votes Tory and is now part of London's sprawl, is fine with me.

Araucunas lay blue eggs. Nice for a change.

Maybe I'll have some regular old brown eggs for breakfast, come to think of it. On toast. Doesn't look like the blue ones will be ready for a while.

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