Saturday, July 24, 2010

Staycation day

Charlie the fence-sitter cat overlooks the herb garden.

I'd spent most of the week dismantling a fairly large and hefty wind turbine tower with students, and humping the 150 pound tower sections around in the heat had made me stiff and sore all over. I was ready for a break.

It came in the form of a wet Saturday morning. Most of the farm systems are on autopilot, no great problems to fix. I started out with fairly low ambitions for the day, and surpassed all my expectations.

The only things I did, really, apart from routine feeding and fence shifting, were to make a batch of scones, and do a couple minor jobs for Aimee in the workshop. Most of the rest of the day was spent on the couch with a trashy spy novel, alternately reading and sleeping-off my dog-tiredness.

This kind of day happens every so often, most often around the changing seasons. I think you get used to doing one kind of seasonal round, and as the year moves along, you need to regroup every once in a while. We're moving from growing to harvest season. The firewood is in, the garden is producing masses of veggies for very little work, the pigs, chicks and lambs are all on auto-pilot, the cars and truck are more or less ready for the winter driving season, no big house project this year.

Next up comes canning and pickling and butchering, not to mention the start of fall term.

So we'll be busy enough soon enough. And, durnit, I deserve a break!

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