Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving snow

Here's our front lawn and mailbox after the recent storm and snow clearing efforts.

Yes, that snowbank is five feet high.

It took about three hours hard labor to get out from under all that snow. The garage was drifted in up to my shoulders, and there was a lot of snow between the driveway and our firewood pile. I felt glad that I'd bought some in the other week, and so had some on hand.

It's best to get the snow moved when you can, because you never know when you will get more, or worse, a thaw. We will get the latter starting tomorrow. It's supposed to be up to 46 F. Luckily, there won't be much rain.

Unlikely that all this snow will melt, but some of it will. Then what doesn't melt, will re-freeze, making it very much more difficult to move.

Apologies for not posting recently. I was having camera difficulty, and busy with the holiday visiting.

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