Monday, February 20, 2012

A busy time at work

Regular readers, friends, and relatives checking in for an update on farm activities will have been disappointed lately, since I haven't posted for nearly two whole weeks.

Don't worry. I haven't abandoned blogging, nor have Aimee and I given up farming.

I've just been working weekends.

This began in later January with the start of my renewable energy class at our local community college. The class was pleasant to teach and successful. All the students were older, in their forties, fifties and even sixties, and very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the experience and indeed had to stretch a little. I certainly spent a good deal more time researching new material and looking things up than I normally have to. I hope to be invited back.

This weekend I took our own Unity College students to the Camden Conference. This was a great experience for me, since the students I took were our very best, and good company. But I particularly enjoyed hearing the National Strategic Narrative authors Wayne Porter and Mark Mykleby.

This last is recommended for all my former mates in the RAF and indeed any ex-serviceman.

Here's a link to their You-Tube version, and to my commentary on the class blog.

So that's what I've been up to. I'll be back with more farm activities soon. Lambing season is all set to begin.

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