Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sheep sales

(Note to regular readers --- this is the ad we have running on Maine Craigslist and posted in various local stores. We have too many animals going into the winter and this is our attempt to reduce the size of the herd. Don't worry -- we're not getting out of the sheep business! We just prefer to keep a smaller number for overwintering.)
Sheep for sale: Womerlippi Farm, Fall 2012
These are Corriedale-Romney crosses, general-purpose animals for meat, high quality heavy fleece and even milk if you’re so inclined. We have packaged them as a starter flock. The ewes’ bloodline is mostly Corriedale. The ram is a purebred Romney with papers. We are careful breeders and these animals and their offspring will have no inbreeding depression, as long as the proper approach is taken. Ewes and ram can be sold separately. Shearlings (two year-olds) and the older ewe can be sold already bred, for spring lambs. Sold primarily for breeding purposes. If you are new to sheep and live close to us (Unity-Thorndike-Jackson area) we can give advice and support, especially at lambing time. The ram in particular is a serious animal and should not be bought by amateurs. If you want to get a start with sheep and are unsure of the ram, we would recommend buying the females with all but Sadie bred and go from there.
Call 722 3431 or email

Bentley, a six-year old purebred ram with Romney papers
Molly, a six-year old ewe,
will be a good lead ewe

Rhea, a shearling ewe, ready to be bred

Roxy, another shearling

Sadie, one of this year’s ewe-lambs

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