Friday, December 14, 2012

A big softy

One of our colleagues at Unity College (in violation of the "Pet Policy") bought his tiny new puppy (a miniature Schnauzer) to work. The (female) student workers in the mail room were all over it, of course, and decided to dress him up in a scarf borrowed from a stuffed toy. The scarf fit perfectly. I had my camera in my backpack, and so asked the students to take this picture. Of course, Gary, the dog's owner, then put it about on FaceBook that my "tough guy" image was all over.

But the puppy was pretty cute, and not at all yappy. I don't like small dogs if they are yappy. And I never was that tough.

Walking our own dogs this evening and last, we've seen huge shooting stars, from the Geminid meteor shower. They all seem to be big and slow and very orange. Beautiful.

The sheep don't seem to care about the shooting stars, but they do seem a little worried about the deer that are coming onto the various Great Farm lawns to eat neighbor Jean's apples that fell off her tree. I'm not sure why deer make sheep nervous, but they do. I go out at night to check on them, and the sheep are up, snuffling about nervously and staring into the dark, when usually they are lying quietly, chewing their cud.

Scary deer. But there have been coyotes about too, so maybe the sheep are not so paranoid after all.

On our dog walk yesterday we saw a big old owl down by the beaver ponds. We came upon it unexpectedly as it was perched on a branch, and it flew off with one massive fwuff of its wings.

Also quite beautiful.

We live in a lovely place.

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