Sunday, March 3, 2013

Early mud season?

I drove to Bangor for a haircut -- there's a very good barber there that is open on Sunday. I left in snotty snow and sleet, but came back in rain. The temperature warmed up to 42 degrees F -- positively tropical, and enough to make a sloppy mess of our dooryard.


Here's the snowbank behind the mailbox, full of road salt and gravel. This will all have to be raked out of the lawn later.

No need for snow boots today. They'd be too warm. I'm glad I don't have to fix a car or a tractor outdoors in this mess, though.


Nellie doesn't care about the mud. Mud and snow are all the same to her, you can't eat them. Green grass is what she likes. She's modeling the latest style for sheep, a scarf made of hay! 

Very fashionable, is our Nell.

We'll see if it freezes up or snows some more this week. The high is forecast for 39 F all through Friday. That's a slow thaw, but a thaw nontheless. 

Maybe we'll see that green grass sooner rather than later.

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