Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stuff we did this weekend

I came home Friday to find Aimee canning tomatoes, a job I normally do, but I'm busier than she is this fall.  She canned up a bunch of Magic Mountain variety, not a tomato we thought of as a canner, but it worked out well, she said.

This is her harlequin pattern of paint samples from the Home Depot. She's trying to find the exact color she wants for the new extension. She settled on the cream color for the side and front walls and a brick brown color for the rear wall, which will need a darker color to absorb the passive solar heat.

Meanwhile, I switched out the Land Rover's exhaust system for an entirely new one, following the failure of the old one. I also beat out a ding on the front right fender and smoothed it out with some filler, and primed it, in readiness for some proper Land Rover "Marine Blue" color later this fall. Then the Rover was used to tow the sheep trailer with five lambs and Molly, an older ewe, to the butcher. Molly's mum Tillie died in lamb-birth this summer, and Molly is getting older. She's also too related to Shaun, our ram to be bred to him this fall, so this summer would be her last year of breeding. 

So, fulfilling our pledge to not overload our land and keep sheep around until they die of a painful old age, like Tillie did, Molly had to go. I didn't feel good about it. I never do.

Here's Flamey trying to cheer me up. What a goof.

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