Monday, October 7, 2013

Zombie sheep and jobs that won't die

AAARGGHHHH! The zombies are after us!!!!

Or maybe not. On closer inspection, it turns out to be Nellie-sheep. She, and all the others, were a little started when I opened the new sliding glass door to the as-yet non-existent deck on the extension. The flash on my camera happened to be "on" and it was just dark enough outside for the light to travel to their retinas and back.

(That what you get when you teach freshman physics -- you develop perfectly good explanations for everything, even when, with Hallow'een approaching, you might have used the picture to good effect.)

Here they are, a whole durn flock of zombies. There's even a one-eyed one at the back. Click on the photo to see.

I also got a zombie cake for my birthday -- Aimee found some old icing in the cupboard and decided to use it up, but it ran like blood! 

It was a parsnip cake, and tasted very good, like carrot cake only sweeter and denser.

The weekend -- a whole two-day weekend, for once -- began with efforts to finish up the plumbing jobs and get ready for inspection. These plumbing jobs, it seems, never end! Even after inspection there will still be more to do. 

Our local plumping inspector is in his sixties and a tad rotund, so I decided it might be best to crawl under the floor myself and get pictures of all the important details. Unfortunately, that may not work for me.

Here's the picture that supposedly shows we have a properly plumbed drain trap on the shower drain. Unfortunately, there isn't a clean-out plug on this trap. I managed to pick what was probably the only trap in the bin at the store that didn't have a plug! This particular store, the closest one to the farm at about eight miles, closes at noon every Saturday and doesn't open until 7am Monday, so I'll have to wait until next Saturday to go back and complain! In the meantime, I hope to get the inspector around one evening this week. Do you think he'll notice?

Here's the picture that's supposed to prove that we have the requisite slope on the drain. You can't really see the bubble in the level, so it proves no such thing. I may need to get back under there with a trouble light and take it again without the flash. 

Here's the exit of the pipe from the new building to the old. All very well sealed up, not a scrap of daylight anywhere, which is very satisfying. And despite all the weight we've added to it since, there isn't a single crack in the masonry. I find that very satisfying too. A much better result than my first attempt at a block-work foundation, over at the Bale House. That wall almost cracked right away. 

But that one was was built on a rubble-filled trench, not solid rock, like this one is.

Once we were done with plumbing, or at least ready for inspection, we turned our attention to the floor. I laid down two inch foam "blue board" insulation, then place 7/16ths OSB over that for a second subfloor. We'll add a layer of airtight bubble wrap and laminated flooring soon, perhaps as early as next weekend, if Aimee manages to buy the flooring and get it to the house somehow this week, while I'm working.

Finally, Her Royal Wifeliness tried her hand at wiring a receptacle, to good effect. She liked the result so much, she posted it on FaceBook.

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