Sunday, January 12, 2014

Skinny young me

I was looking for some printer ink cartridges in my office desk drawer the other day and found about thirty old photographs from my days in RAF Mountain Rescue. Knowing that other ex-troops might like to see them, I scanned them and loaded them to my FaceBook page (here and here).

Once posted I got a gratifying flurry of comments from other ex-RAF Mountain Rescue troops. One thing led to another and by the end of the day I got in return two old photographs of myself, both of which I liked because a) in the first one I'm thin -- really skinny, and b) in the second I'm actually in uniform. 

The first photo is from the RAFMRS Winter Course in February 1985. I'm an instructor and was assigned to do an overnight winter survival exercise with a pupil, Steve Evans. Instead of staying low on the Cairngorm plateau and building a snowhole, which is what most of the instructor-pupil pairs did, we went higher and built an igloo, which took longer, but we were able to get more climbing in. I think we stayed in this igloo for two nights.

The second photo is the RAF Leuchars Mountain Rescue Team dressed for what looks like an formal inspection. I have very few photographs of myself in uniform. I'm second from the left, back row. I think the dog is Heavy's Tealach, not a rescue dog, just a pet and friendly mascot who went everywhere with us.

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