Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some stills from the past couple weeks...

... because we're still way too busy to post any writing!

Bloody-mouthed sheep? man-eaters?

Nope. Beet-eaters. Not to be confused with Beefeaters

Looking at the "baby in the bathroom" mirror. Roo loves this baby.

Makes me think she'll be very pleased the day she actually meets a real other baby for the first time.

Sleeping soundly in the kitchen rocker...

... gives daddy a chance to have a good solid breakfast!


The Land Rover with its new Canadian snowplow. This works well for moving snow and I'm pleased with it, although it's a little flimsy and doesn't like to be driven on regular roads. Even though it has a lift mechanism -- unlike some "personal" snow plows -- and a chain hitch designed to secure the plow for regular driving, the whole attachment sticks out too far in front, providing way too much leverage, and it bounces wildly if you hit a bump.

Showing the snowplow mounting. It's bolted to the front leaf-spring mounts and welded to the bottom of the front bumper.

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