Friday, May 1, 2015

Not a great start to spring

The problem with trying to run a farm and raise a baby that isn't toddling or talking and so not really playing with other children yet is that there isn't much time, even with two parents. We're always watching her. As a result, I tend now to rush things a little around the farm, whenever I get the all-clear to run out and get some work done.

Case in point: She's sleeping now, which gives me chance to finish up this post which I started five days ago, but she'll wake up at any time, so we'll see if I finish it.

That was also the case last Saturday morning. Aimee took Roo to do some shopping, while I had a list of spring chores in my head. I began with putting the Nissan truck on the lift, pulling the wheels, and spraying the salt off the underside with the pressure washer. That done, I lowered it to the ground for safety, and left it to dry thoroughly. Then I went to till the garden with the Kubota tractor and tiller.

You can see next what ensued:

I tipped the tractor over on a very slight undulation in the ground with a bucket of particularly wet and heavy compost. I was reversing with the bucket too high, and turning to the left all at the same time. Had I lowered the bucket just slightly, or made a wider turn, this wouldn't have happened.

So, we had to resort to the Land Rover winch.

No worries, mate! The only damage was the loss of a couple quarts of engine oil, which I then had to scrape up off the ground with a shovel.

Here's the compost heap after I loaded out about four tons of very nice black muck. I think most of this was two-year old stuff.

I got right back to work and was able to finish up, just in time to plant peas with Aimee and Roo later that day. All's well that ends well.

In other news, we are learning to like pancakes! Yummy!

Finally, I laughed out loud when I saw what Aimee inadvertently did the other day:

Here's the FB caption I used:

"Headline News: British citizen tortured by American housewife! Is no-one safe? In a breaking story, once-famous British subject Bungo Womble may have been stripped naked and hung by the ears by an American woman. Upon arrest and interrogation by the Special Branch, the suspect is alleged to have cited racial theory. Apparently our British Wombles are "too dirty" for American children.

The shame, the pity...."

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