Sunday, March 6, 2016


Despite the fact that our daughter really seems to like omelets very much, and gets them for breakfast at least three times a week, we are experiencing an egg mountain. This results from Aimee's careful planning in the chicken department. She brought in five new recruits last year, four of whom survived, and their additions to the flock make sure we get a very solid supply of eggs.

She plans to do the same again this year. If we maintain our flock at about twelve birds, even if some of them are superannuated, we get enough eggs for ourselves and to give away or sell. These ones are destined to be traded for baby-siting services. We have friends at work that have two small daughters themselves, and they occasionally babysit Edana (really a play date), in return for produce.

Here's the omelet queen hard at work on an omelet.

And here are the royal toys. Apparently materials taken from the recycling tubs are better than real toys. We walk around the house picking this stuff up all the time.

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In the maintenance front, I've been learning a new skill, how to test hybrid car batteries. These are for our "new" fifteen year old Honda Insight, of which I've thus far failed to take a picture for the blog. It's in the college's shop, in any case, where my students and I are experimenting on it, trying to learn how it works. This is the crux of the experiment, whether or not the hybrid battery "sticks" each of which contains 6 "D"-sized cells, can be re-used. So far two of five are unservicable. I have a set of secondhand sticks coming, which will get the same treatment. The battery needs twenty good ones, which must all have a balanced charge before installation. the little blue electronic devices are "Imax B6" balance chargers, which you can get for a few bucks on the Internet. They're a "smart" charger, and can sense the number of cells in the battery and charge and discharge them appropriately. If I can get three or four amp-hours per discharge from a fully charged stick then it can likely be reused. The Imax can also cycle through charge-discharge cycles.

Finally, and although some of my ex-RAF acquaintances probably consider this child abuse, our darling daughter has decided she likes Abba. I'll leave you with the Dancing Queen, age 1.5 years.

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