Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not easy being green...

Last weekend I stripped all the large tomato plants and pulled up their roots and cages. This shelf full of ripening berries is the result.

Some are of the German Green variety and so already ripe. Most are just green tomatoes.

I probably won't can any of these shelf-ripened fruit since when finally ripe they are of poor quality. They get used for sandwiches and in cooking. Our family in England makes a green tomato chutney, but I never have the energy to can the green ones. What's the point if the pig or chicks will eat them, and we have so many already canned?

My favorite pickles are, in order: onions, brown chutney (AKA "Branston"), red cabbage, and sauerkraut. Aimee loves cabbage and cucumber pickles.

Our onions were all too big this year to pickle. Last year we had a lot of tiny ones. But we do have a flat of old spring onions I might try. Other than that, I'm done with canning season and into slaughtering and putting the gardens to bed season.

Last night I tried some of our peaches. Very good. So sweet. Worth the effort.

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