Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chicken-scratchin' good

The Womerlippi Farm critters have been getting some fancy feed lately.

Olivia Pig got a bowl of peaches, blueberries and cream the night before she went to meet her maker. Leftovers from a child's uneaten dessert, she loved it. It also made me feel a little better about doing the deed.

The sheep had some over-ripe Concord grapes yesterday. Sheep love sweet grapes.

The dogs will get some calf-liver today, to help clean out our freezer prior to the arrival of our fat lambs, in chop formation.

And finally, here are chickens scoffing down Aimee's stale breakfast cereal.

Feeding farm animals tasty tidbits that would otherwise go to waste is a treat for us too. Better than TV.

I didn't get my camera out, but watching Aimee blow soap bubbles for sheep to investigate was also better than TV. It's the way they jump when the bubbles pop.

I heard on the radio that potential First Dude of the United States, Todd Palin, is coming to Palmyra, just north of us. I have to go close to there today to pick up the lambs. I don't think I want to make a detour to see the show. As far as I'm concerned, until his wife regulates her views on climate change, teaching evolution, and a whole range of issues, Palin should stay away from this one tiny enlightened corner of the country that doesn't think such antedeluvian views are reasonable.

I don't know why he would bother anyway. Maine will go for Obama. The only possible reason is that Maine does have a kind of proportional representation in the way it seats its Electoral College delegates, so there may be a few delegates for McCain at stake.

If so, McCain should come here himself, not send a ridiculous Alaskan attack dog.

A token gesture.

That's likely to backfire here in Maine, thankfully.

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