Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snorri the studmuffin

Snorri is a two-and-a-half-year old Corriedale/Romney cross Ram who belongs to Chris and Betty Beach. They just dropped him off for the breeding season. He will cover ewes Maggie, Mollie, Nellie, and possibly Lark. These are all offspring of the current Womerlippi stud, Abraram, and so he shouldn't breed them.

Instead Snorri gets the pleasure.

But don't feel bad for Abe. He has his regular harem of Tillie, Tootsie and Jewel.

Snorri, named for a viking baby from the Greenland/Vinland Sagas, is a big chunky guy, a much wider load than Abraram, although the latter is much taller.

We'll keep the two rams separated by two fences and about ten yards for the duration, or they might go to work on each other.

It will be interesting to see who gets bred, who gives birth to what color lambs (Snorri is a natural colored brown-grey not unlike Tootsie), and how many lambs we get total from 7 ewes.

The reason we expect Lark not to get bred is, well, let's just say she's always been a late bloomer. Likely malnourished as a lamb, she never quite filled out until this year, which is her third. Now she's the size of a healthy two-year old, but we can't tell if she is sexually developed. She's also a little soft-headed, and unlike the other sheep, doesn't know to avoid the worst of the manure and mud.

Who knows? Maybe she'll surprise us all.

The other ewe that likely won't get bred is great aunt Tootsie. She's a little long in the tooth.

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