Friday, August 21, 2009


We're looking out for a Bill, but not the usual kind. Those are all paid.

This is a hurricane. Maine does get them from time to time, and this one has been barreling our way for several days, getting stronger all the while, and it's predicted course has been inching to the northwest a little more each day.

This graphic shows the likelihood of tropical storm strength winds for late this weekend. You can see we are in the 10-20 % likelihood range.

For most folks, this is not enough to batten down the hatches.

But I'm a little more prudent about storms than most folks.

Total boy scout: "be prepared" my middle name.

But since most of my loose stuff in the yard is picked up ready for the college term to start, there isn't much to do. I did go over to our straw bale house and try to patch a roof leak temporarily. The roof will need a larger repair, but that can wait.

I will also exercise our generator and check its fuel supply, check the trickle charger to the genny's battery, and gas up both vehicles.

Then I guess we'll sit back and see what happens.

For all our friends across the pond, this is something we can share! (He said, geekily.) Check out the map. A few days after it hits us, Bill will become an somewhat early but typical September equinoctal storm in the yUKe.

Since I'm supposed to be there for my parents 50th wedding anniversary September 5th, I might even get hit twice by the same storm!

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