Sunday, August 23, 2009

Virago no go

Well, the Virago 700 I bought for a project is gone. It needed one more thing to get the safety inspection sticker, a set of seals for the front shocks, and I won't have time to get that done with work starting this coming week, so it was time to unload.

I put it on Craig's List for $800 and a nice bloke came around with a trailer and took it away for my asking price, no haggles, leaving me with about zero profit on the deal considering I spent $645 total in bike and parts and my time was worth a lot more than $155, but I had some nice Zen moments in the shop, and a nice ride or two.

It was Aimee's Birthday yesterday, and she got a nice stack of gifts, but I told her that selling the bike was one more. She agreed.


I still would like a smaller engined motorcycle, a single or two-cylinder with a bit more height to the seat and good gas mileage, for commuting and saving gas. The Virago was not that bike, I admit. But it made me smile every time I saw it sitting in the driveway. A pity my wife hated it so.

A mid-life crisis. I told Aimee my next mid-life crisis will be a helicopter.

I did see these great two-seater kit choppers online...

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