Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wet weekend looms

Between one and two inches of rain is forecast for today.

Great. I need the rest. I've been crunching on my barn project, attending contentious extra wind turbine meetings that make me restive, and in general getting less sleep and rest than I need.

There's the small matter of new tires for Aimee's truck, and the bill-paying, to be taken care of.

I was going to separate the ewes into breeding and non-breeding herds. Snorri the rental ram arrives Sunday, and his girls must be ready.

Breeding ewes this year:

Mollie (4 year-old)
Maggie (3 year-old)
Nellie (2 year-old)

Non-breeding ewes:

Tootsie (who knows how-old)
Tillie (who knows how-old)
Jewel (not so old, but had a hard time last season)
Lark (too stupid)
Polly (baby)
Poppy (baby)
Penelope (baby)

Abraram, of course, will also not be breeding; All of the above except for the three older ewes are his daughters or granddaughters or great-granddaughters. That wouldn't stop him, the old goat, but it will stop us from letting him.

Poor Larkie, the too-stupid-to-breed ewe, was badly cared for as a baby (not by us) and had white muscle disease (a wholly avoidable mineral deficiency disease).

It would be nice if some humans realized that they, too, were too stupid to breed.

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