Sunday, March 21, 2010


The ground dried early this spring. So I decided to spread compost and till the garden, on the grounds that I could then change the tractor implement from the tiller to the York rake to rake up the gravel that the winter spreader had spread all around our front yard.

The little Kubota used 1.5 gallons of diesel to spread a couple tons of compost, till it in, and rake up most of the gravel. I still have a little to rake.

In today's Guardian I read of a two-wheel tractor being used for much the same purpose, but I think that our four-wheel, four-wheel drive Kubota probably uses about the same amount of fuel and does a better and much easier job.

Aimee did a fine job of sticking her tongue out just in time for a snap. I have quite a few pictures of Aimee with her tongue out. maybe I'll make a calendar to send to her folks for Christmas, one for each month.

This is probably the way they always remember her anyway!

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