Friday, March 26, 2010

Two more

I came home at 12.30, to find Tillie with one new lamb at foot, the other as yet unborn. I picked up the one she had and popped it in the lambing pen, and of course the mother followed, contractions and all.

I then watched and waited for another hour and a half, but nothing showed, not so much as a single hoof, so I had to pull the second lamb out myself. It came easily enough, if you waited for the contractions to pull. Then there was an agonizing thirty seconds before the first, gasping, desperate breath came.

Mother and lambs are now doing well.

Two boys, one black, one white. "Quandary" and "Quagmire," Aimee said. It's Q-names this year. Last year was O. O was easier than Q.

I'm sort of hoping she was joking.

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