Thursday, April 8, 2010

Molly with her legs crossed

Molly is huge. She looks like a big fat cotton wool ball. Or the fat sheep "Shirley" on Shaun the Sheep.

I watched her lie down yesterday. It took quite a while. She first selected her spot, then knelt on her front legs. She then tried to fold her rear legs under her, but each time threatened to topple and stopped. Two-three tries, and she finally gave up and just toppled her rear legs to the right and she, or rather her butt, fell down instead of laying down. Going out to check on the sheep two-three times in the next few hours, I noticed that she didn't move from that position.

I have a wind assessment project today, an anemometer move on one of the Maine islands with students, so we're hoping that Molly keeps them crossed all day. I'll be back at five, but no sooner. Aimee will be back earlier, but there's not much she can do with a sheep the size of Molly by herself.

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