Sunday, April 18, 2010

A walk in the woods and dung tagging

Here's me dung tagging young Poppy, one of last year's ewe-lambs, and washing the shitty face of one of this years wee ones.

Worried about fly strike, Aimee and I corralled all the sheep in the barn and went through them one-by-one looking for maggots and removing dags. Poppy was a particularly shitty little sheep and couldn't help but add to everyone's woes by farting in our "general direction."

Thank you, Polly.

All the sheep got the treatment except for Molly who just gave birth and Jewel who wouldn't be caught. Nellie too was excused games, due to her serious maggot removal operations yesterday, although we'll have to catch her again soon to see if all the nasty critters are gone.

Earlier Haggis and I took a good long walk in the woods up by Howes Pond. The landowner, an acquaintance of mine, is culling trees for firewood, to "release" the better trees to grow faster. He's selecting for high quality hardwoods and within a couple decades here will have an exemplary commercial hardwood stand: beech, oak, maple, all good lumber for furniture, hardwood flooring, and other special uses. In the meantime he has this firewood, which we sometimes buy. He was trying to add a third crop, wind turbines, but a majority of the rest of his town wouldn't let that happen -- the usual paranoia and fear of the unknown -- and enacted a restrictive ordinance.

Anyway, he has a beautiful piece of land which Haggis and I have permission to hike on. We had fun.

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