Monday, October 11, 2010

A walk in the autumn woods

This afternoon was one of those seemingly rare times when we both had extra time, so we took the dogs for a walk up to Howe's Pond.

This is a walk we do most years in the fall, to see the leaf colors. The winds last week took most of the reds, but there remained a lot of golds in among the green of the conifers and beeches, not yet turned.

Haggis, who minds well although he can't herd sheep, gets to run loose. Mary, a proper Red-bone Coonhound (this varietal name has eight syllables in the proper southern pronunciation!) and former bear dog, has to stay on the leash for fear she'll never come back to us.

Aimee had fund collecting acorns, of which there were millions, for the pigs. The pigs, for their part had fun eating the acorns, and so they also enjoyed our walk.

The pond, which is in the proper geological placement for a tarn or cirque basin lake, is filling in slowly with sediment. There's a stone dam which must at one time have made it larger, possibly for someone's farm water supply. Even at this altitude, 900 feet at the pond and 1200 feet on the top of the ridge, there are dry stone walls running through the woods, evidence that someone farmed this area at one time.

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  1. Beautiful colors in Maine! We have some spectacular foliage here in Vermont too. Gotta love Fall eh?


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