Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Aimee really does hate having her picture taken, doesn't she? But I had finally gotten the battery on my replacement camera charged up. I needed to take a photo of something interesting.

And her mum and dad will log onto GFD and get a laugh out of their daughter being camera shy as always.

For a while there I thought I had wasted $20 on a secondhand digital camera. It came with a dead lithium battery and no battery charger. The need for a charger was unexpected, because this is the third Sony camera I've had, all from the same model line, all secondhand, and the previous two used AA batteries. But this replacement has a bespoke unit that needs a special charger. But, of course, a cheap Chinese knock-off charger was soon found online for only $7 and it worked fine.

Only problem I can see: I have a whole clutch of rechargeable AAs now, and nothing much that I can do with them.

It took a couple hours to charge up the battery, and another hour of tinkering to figure out why the pictures wouldn't download -- memory card failures, is my best guess, because it worked fine using the newest such card.

Finally we had it all working, except that for some reason we can't erase pictures from the computer. They have to be erased from the camera menu.

I expect if I were to get a brand new memory card, this problem would also go away.

I don't have much luck with cameras. Because I keep this blog, and because I'm always looking for interesting pictures for college classes in energy and energy efficiency and rural life skills, I tend to carry it with me everywhere. The first Sony camera I had fell out of my pocket into the sheep's water bucket. The second one was poached when I spilled hot coffee on it in the truck because I lost my temper because some local codger was tootling along on the first day of hunting season, looking for his dream buck (dream on, granddad -- or actually leave the road to hunt!) and so like a teenager I floored the truck to pass him at an intersection, and spilled the java on the camera.

So, on Aimee's sage advice, I only buy secondhand units, and, my own contribution to the scheme, I always get the same model so I have replacement parts and hardware such as all those memory cards.

So far so good. Three cameras, less than $100. If I'd bought three new ones, that might have been $1,000.

How long do you think this one will last? The pool is on the left.

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