Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weakened before Turkey Day

And I mean weakened, not weekend. I know the difference, too.

I was exhausted this morning, after the first eleven weeks of the semester came to a close and we made it to our second midterm holiday. This one is for a full week plus two weekends, and unlike the previous four day October midterm holiday, I've manage to protect myself against big work projects, and Aimee seems to be in pretty good shape too.

Which is good, because I'm very tired.

Yesterday we had a SAR call-out for the Unity College team, which was more exciting than office work, for sure, but it came at the end of a period that had seen me do a lot of office work, and not get too much exercise, so to drive to the other end of Maine and bushwack around in the woods and bogs and then drive back cold and wet was pretty hard.

To cap it all I've got another Unity College cold. Not a really bad one, but not much fun either.

So I slept for a good seven hours last night, which wasn't enough. And then today I took another two-hour nap, and woke up very groggy.

By the mid afternoon I was starting to feel myself again.

But rather than get into any big jobs around the farm, which in any case I would have plenty of time to do next week, I just wandered around and said hi to all the critters and took pictures.

Except that durn rooster, Cheryl Roethlisburger Crow. I took pictures of him, but after he attacked me, I wasn't going to say hi to him.

But I did take his picture.

He likes to stand in high places and crow at us. Here he is on one of the pens in the barn. Maybe we should make him a platform on the barn roof.

Haggis and I went to get a gallon of milk. It's funny how he loves to stare out of the window while being driven. Going down to our local store is a fun treat for him.

The sheep were going in and out of the barn to eat hay, through the two doors they now have on the north side. They do seem happy with the overall effect.

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  1. I'm happy that you get some time off. It's good to go out and enjoy the critters without always doing chores. I used to love sitting by my chickens and writing while they scratched in the grass. Dave built a great chicken coup--I'll send you photos. Have a great holiday!


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