Monday, June 13, 2011

Living the (not so) simple life

It took me three days, working on and off, to get into proper shape to start the firewood chore for the year. I was able to replace the bottom of the wall easily enough, but I decided I needed to repaint the whole wall, and that was when I found that the soffit was rotting out quite badly behind the guttering.

I though I was being pretty smart when I put up that piece of guttering to keep the rain off the wood pile, but it looks like the rain managed to get behind the gutter and ran into the soffit, and so a whole length of soffit board and faceboard had to be wrecked out, replaced, primed, and painted.

Then the gutter was refitted, set up a good deal higher, right under the drip edge.

This time I used caulking to seal the gutter to the drip edge.

This wasn't such a lot of work in any given step, but it was a lot of steps.

What a complicated start to getting the firewood in! So much for the simple life.

So I was pretty glad to put the last touches to the whole repair and finally make it into the woods to cut firewood. I was very careful to keep the log cribs well away from the newly repaired wall.

I cut down ash, some cherry and one aspen that was in the way. Only a third of a cord, but a start.

The cherry had a big burl on it, which gave me a chance to use my new log splitter. Works pretty good.

I checked the blog. Last year I didn't start cutting firewood until later in June, mostly because I was in Britain with my sister Carol, burying my father.

It doesn't feel like a year since my dad died, but I guess it must be.

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