Friday, June 10, 2011

Sorry siding

I needed to get our firewood cut, split and stacked for the winter, but the garage wall where we keep the wood was in sad shape.

Even though we place pallets between the wood and the wall, the extra moisture was causing the paint to peel and the siding to rot.

So I took my Skilsaw and somewhat unskillfully cut out the rotten sections of boarding and replaced it with some better lumber I had lying around.

The replacement material had been wrecked out of one of the two sheep shelters I had demolished earlier as part of the Great Chicken POW Camp Project. The sheep lumber was hemlock, as was the original garage wall. Eastern hemlock is a pretty stout and rot-proof, locally-grown building material, cheap and abundant around here, but these particular boards were also pretreated with lanolin from the sheeps' fleece.

I decided I couldn't possibly go wrong with lanolin-impregnated hemlock.

Maybe I should market it.

After fitting the new boards, I scrubbed off some of the remaining loose paint with the rotary wire brush head on the angle grinder, and gave it a thick coat of anti-mold primer, which left the building looking kind of piebald, but good to go structurally for a few more years.

Now I need to go to the hardware store tomorrow and match the finish paint color.

Ordinarily Aimee would not trust me to do the color-match thingy, and for good reason.

Aimee, and indeed most other females of the species, seem to be able to discern about a thousand more colors than I can. I can just about keep the primary colors sorted, and then things get kinda fuzzy.

But Aimee says (does anyone else miss the awesome British TV public service announcement cat "Charlie says"?) that Home Depot now have a machine to match colors for you, so errant husbands can now be sent to the paint department unaccompanied.

Now that's a very good thing, because if the machine matches the paint, and the paint is still the wrong color (as it surely will be), then the husband cannot be blamed!

Or can he?

To be continued.

Watch this space for another exiting episode of Mick Fixes the Garage next week.

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