Monday, August 15, 2011

Apple harvest

I'm not sure when harvest season began. A few days ago. We just kind of blended into it without fanfare.

First I pulled the onions. Didn't do very well there, I'm afraid -- the sheep had gotten about a third of them by sticking their heads through the fence, and what was left was small, or had split into several bulbs like shallots and kept hard stalks. I hung them on the wire platform in the garage to cure.

Then I harvested a bucket of potatoes to see if they were ready, more or less, and they were. The haulms haven't all died yet, but there's a couple of friends from work we always invite to dig a few spuds for themselves, and I wanted to do that before the fall term began.

Next I noticed a lot of smaller but bug-free apples on the Golden Delicious tree in the North Paddock. This is our best tree for eating apples. It always has larger, less buggy fruit.

So I made apple pie filling with some of these, just because I could.

This is our peeler-corer-slicer thingy. It works well. You can peel, core, and slice a whole pot of apples in minutes. I put them on a slow heat with cinnamon and sugar for several hours, and they cooked down nicely. I set the mix to cool and today I'll bag it and freeze it.

I'll need to make a lot of apple pie filling this year because we heard from our blueberry farmer that their blueberry crop has failed.


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