Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here's Aimee, perhaps two days' work shy of completing the cedar shingles on the front wall of the house.

She's been beavering away quite eagerly at this job since we re-organized the ladders and scaffolding. It's now much safer up there, which I think is why. The weather is also much nicer, not nearly as hot and humid.

She stopped work again a short while after I took this picture. She was tired, but she also ran into a wasps' nest, which the husband must now sort out. Unfortunately the two numpties that have completely ruined our village hardware store, running down all the stock so that there's hardly anything you need, haven't any wasp killer either.

I guess I'll have to run to town.

Thirty miles is a long way for a can of wasp killer.

Here are the sheep lazing in the shade of the barn this morning. They're looking pretty sleek except for Nellie, who may need to be wormed again soon.

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