Monday, March 12, 2012

Wide loads

Our four pregnant ewes are approaching their "time."

Corriedales are large sheep, and when fully pregnant, seem about three feet wide to the rear.

In reality, it's only about two feet, but still, that's a pretty big rear end for a sheep.

(Do you think they would mind me commenting about their wide derrières on the Internet?)

They should drop these lambs towards the beginning of April, but the first could come as early as the twenty-first of March.

Of the several in the picture, Nellie (lying down in the foreground), and Molly (in the center rear) are the biggest, and spend a good part of their day just lying around. The weather has been warm lately, as high as 55 F during the day, so this has been nice for them.

Aimee and I are off work for spring break and when I'm not keeping a eye on sheep. I'm making the most of the time and good weather to get caught up with farm work, as well as household and vehicular maintenance. I have two cars to get through inspection and a third to take in to the shop for a timing belt.

I was very gratified, though, when our ancient Bolens lawn tractor fired up first time after three months of snow and ice. I'm also pleased that the newly welded frame of the Kubota tractor has withstood this season's snow plowing just fine.

Of such things, I find, is contentment made these days.

I guess I need to get a life.

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