Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Greenhouse Project

We wanted more land for vegetables, and we didn't want our tomatoes to get taken by the late blight again, so we settled on plowing up another 1/4 acre of garden, and putting up a 10 by 20 foot plastic greenhouse. The plowing meant we had to reroute the garden fence, which gave us a lot of additional space around the garden where we might walk or store machinery, a great luxury over the rather cramped space we'd used in the past. The greenhouse came in a box and cost around $410 including shipping, from It seems sturdy enough, but the plastic cover is not as translucent as perhaps it should be. We'll let you know how well it works. Back to work on Monday after a glorious spring break. What a blessing the weather has been for getting things done. But I'm exhausted after all this work. I need to go back to work for a rest.

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