Sunday, April 29, 2012

Green grass

Here are the ewes and lambs doing what ewes and lambs should be doing -- eating green grass. Friends and family reading this from Britain must think it strange that we have to wait until nearly May to get enough grass for sheep grazing, but that's what it's like around here.

Here too is Jewel, now in solitary confinement and awaiting The End. She was given one last chance. She and Tillie were both separated from everyone else several weeks ago for bullying Molly badly when Molly was trying to defend her lambs. They were all reunited, and within two minutes, Jewel was bullying Molly again.

Unfortunately for Jewel, a barren old ewe can't be allowed to bully a productive young ewe, especially one with lambs. That's the law of sheep, and so Jewel must go to the butchers as soon as the butcher is ready. She complains mightily every time I pass, but I won't relent.

Finally, a shot of the garden with all the cold climate crops in, the new greenhouse which has stood up well to this month's several gales, and my own shadow. Darn shadow -- always getting in on all the shots.

The lettuce and mustard and kale that we earlier sowed in the new greenhouse are doing fine, and some will be ready to snip in about three weeks, a record for us, summer salad before June.

(Because we don't eat grass -- or we'd be "all set" as Mainer's say.)

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