Friday, February 8, 2013

A storm approaches

The local (Bangor, Maine) TV news and weather team was on full alert last night -- they did that thing they do when a storm is coming or overhead, where they go first to the weatherman, instead of telling us about all the latest house fires and murder trials.

That means the weather itself is top of the news.

In this case, the NWS is calling for a couple feet of snow in our part of Maine in less than 24 hours. It's supposed to arrive later today, rapidly get worse, snow all night and Saturday morning, and then clear out for Sunday.

Two feet of snow is a fairly regular occurrence around here. It happens maybe once a winter, say two out of every three winters, or something like that. I can remember several two-feet snowfalls since we moved to the Great Farm.

And it doesn't seem like class is going to get cancelled. The snow will arrive later this afternoon or evening, after school is done for the day.

But still. Best be ready. I put the generator battery on a charge last night. I should now switch the charger to the tractor battery. The tractor's fuel tank may be low. I'll check that today. I may need to buy some kerosene for the tractor on my way to work.

This might be a good day to drive the Land Rover to work myself, and have Aimee drive the four-wheel drive Nissan pick-em up truck. I've been driving the truck every day this week, since the Ford Escort sprang a brake line leak. I haven't had the time to fix the Ford, and I doubt I'll do any such thing this weekend or for several weekends to come. It doesn't make sense to me that I should hurry up to lie on the frozen ground under a rusty old Ford car to change a brake line, when I still have a Land Rover and and pick-up truck to drive.

I'll be glad to get home from work later today. Not only is it a Friday, but with a blizzard coming, this is no day to have to go anywhere.

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  1. Oh, my goodness. You should have watched cable news. The Weather Channel warned everyone in the vicinity of this storm to stay home and off the roads after 12 noon today. I hope y'all make it home safely. Take Care.


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