Monday, April 15, 2013


Apologies for lack of communication.I haven't been able to post an update because we're having trouble with our Internet. The modem disconnects every few minutes.

But that isn't going to stop lambing season. Lambing waits for no man, whether or not he wants pictures for the blog or not.

We already mentioned Quinn's two lambs born last week, one ram-lamb, and one ewe-lamb. Molly went into labor early Saturday morning and popped out two more, both ewes.

Then Nellie did the same Sunday morning. She had a little more difficulty because one of her lambs was breached. In a first time mother this might have been bad. In this case, the back feet came out first, followed by the hips and two front feet together. This was a tight squeeze to say the least, and I was ready to hop the gate and help rearrange everything, but Aimee told me to hold back an extra moment and everything came out alright in the end.

Here's the drama in its last moment, as the lamb's head finally comes out.

So we now have six lambs out there. There are two more ewes bred, at least, possibly a third.

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