Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Squaring the circle

Tired of running concrete over to the footing forms with a wheelbarrow, once I got over to the north wall of the foundation and closer to the cement mixer, I tried something I'd seen on one of my TV shows. I like to watch shows about construction, building, and restoration, mostly to see what materials and techniques are being used that I don't yet know about.

In this case, I used a piece of plywood as a chute to run the concrete direct from the mixer to the form, something I'd see on UK Channel Four's Grand Designs. It worked well and saved a lot of labor. I was able to run through thirty or forty bags of concrete in a morning -- the most I've ever been able to do.

In preparation, I'd finalized the form almost all the way around to meet where I'd left off with the west wall. There's just one raised boss of bedrock there that isn't leveled yet, nothing that can't be handled with just a very small amount of concrete.

As a result, the very large rented cement mixer will go back to the rental yard tomorrow. From here on out, we'll make do with the $50 one I found on Craig's List. Since all we need to run is mortar and a small amount of concrete, we should be fine.

I have to say that making this foundation has been a serious and extended workout for an old feller like me. I don't think I've lost any weight, but I'm sure I've converted quite a bit of weight that was in fat to muscle.

We'll market this new diet and work-out regime -- the Foundation Diet.

Think it'll sell?

If it does, maybe next time we'll be able to afford to blast all that ledge and start with a square hole!

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