Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The sin of vanity

Here's Aimee finishing the unfinished vanity for the new bathroom, carefully supervised by the ever-earnest Ernie.

For you Brits who like me probably grew up with standard two-tap pedestal sinks, a "vanity" is what Americans call a cabinet that houses a bathroom sink. Don't ask me why it's a vanity. I long ago gave up trying to understand most American nomenclature.

This particular vanity is getting "pickled" rather than varnished. This naming is more reasonable -- the wood is protected by a slightly caustic material. Apparently this is all the rage, the new "faux" finish, a simulacrum of a traditional American craft technique originally intended to ward off termites and such. (The new finishes are actually synthetic chemicals, when lime would traditionally have been used.) Aimee is taking great care with the job -- as she always does.

Me, I'm somewhat relieved to be off the hook for another job. As you can see, I celebrated with a "selfie." 

What a goof.

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