Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A sloppy mess

Here's today's weather map showing the snowstorm that started to hit at breakfast time. I was lucky. I didn't have to be at work for any scheduled meeting until one pm, so I elected to work from home until the inevitable "snow day" cancellation, which came a few minutes ago.

My colleagues who had early meetings and classes, including Aimee are struggling home right about now.

It's light but slightly wet snow, so it will be especially snotty on the roads. The worst hasn't yet hit, so things are not too bad so far. When that yellow stuff on the map gets over here to Waldo County, it will be pretty bad for an hour or two.

Shouldn't be enough for power outages, but enough for a few accidents.

I hope to see Aimee home soon.

Best to stay home, then. 

If only Atlantans had thought to do that last week!

But I expect when you aren't used to weather-related work stoppages, you don't have snow day SOPs like we do in the frozen north.

Making it up as you go along is not a great way to run weather-related policy.

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