Friday, February 21, 2014

The melt begins

Today we will get rain. After that it will get cold again, and the next time the jet stream drapes itself over Maine we may get snow again, but the Canadian air is moving northwards with each passing day. The sun is now up to 35 degrees above the horizon at noon, and the daylight glimmers around 6am and ends at 5.30 pm or so. In less than a month it will be the vernal equinox, and after that we will get frogs. And lambs. Followed by graduation.

Snow, rain, cold, snow, rain, melt, melt, frogs, lambs, tilling, shearing, graduates, planting, the seasons and sub-seasons and microseasons.

(My favorite is still and always will be lamb season.)

So endeth another Maine winter. Slowly, but surely, the world turns.


Here's a reminder of what it will be like later this year:

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