Monday, June 9, 2014

Skeptic tank

Big doings here on the Womerlippi Ranch!

Our friend Tim P. came over Wednesday with his John Deere tractor backhoe to put in the septic drainfield extension that was legally required for the new extension.

This was because we added a bedroom.

Here it is, all properly installed and ready for inspection, following which it will be covered with more sand and loam and then seeeded for a bit more lawn. Tim was skeptical about the level of the pipes after I had done all the raking to set them, but they were within an eighth of an inch on the transit.

The more level they are, the longer the drainfield will last.
I have about another month-and-a-half of must-do, honey-do work left to do before the baby comes, but the drainfield is a big milestone.

Another milestone is the new deck, which I was able to knock out in between helping Tim with the drainfield.

Here it is with our only item of deck furniture proudly positioned for a celebratory beer.

All of these doings required us to give up on the use of the driveway for a few days so we could stage gravel and stone and unload the tractor from the flatbed. Here's the entire Womerlippi Farm "motor pool" parked well out of the way.

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