Monday, February 9, 2015



The weather continues to be normal. Very normal.

Which means snow. Lots of it.

The Land Rover cold starting problem had to be fixed. This is something of which I was aware last winter, but it wasn't a problem back then because there wasn't a snow plow that I needed to use on the front of the vehicle. Now there is.

The solution was the magnetic block heater above. It attaches neatly to the starter motor from either above or below, and puts out about 300 degrees F. I also used it on the tractor, but now I have a replacement cable for the tractor's block heater, so we should be alright there.

Now we have a three day snowstorm with very cold temperatures. The Land Rover starts easily after an hour or so of heating. The snow gets plowed. No problem.

I'm sure something else will happen. It always does. But we're entering the racing days. Not long now.

We'll still have snow until April, but the sunshine will get warmer, which makes life a lot nicer.

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