Saturday, February 14, 2015

Storm preperations

As you can see from the map above, our current snowpack is literally "off the charts." The green color shows theinches of depth accoring to the NWS model. We actually have around 30 inches as I found out yesterday, postholing over to our greenhouse to know off some snow that threatened to topple the thing.

But there's more to come! Up to 24 inches in the next 36 hours. I've given up worrying about snow load on the various house roofs. With the baby, there's just not enough time to keep up with it. The glass greenhouse is a goner whatever happens -- we plan to demolish it this spring to make room for a berry patch.

Luckily all the snow so far has been cold, light, fluffy stuff. That means no power outages, at least since the four-day one in November.

With the new block heaters, I know the Rover and tractor will start once all this is over. Both are fueled up. I already brought in the trailer load of hay that I'd had stored outside under a tarp. The main things to do today are to bring in enough firewood for the duration, get some fuel for the tractor, and to make sure we have enough bread and milk. I also need to post-hole over to the propane tank and check the level.

In other news, Roo has begun to sleep in her own crib, and to sleep through the night most nights. Eight hours sleep isn't much to ask for, if you ask most ordinary folks, but to a parent of a five-month old, it's a godsend.

Here's a Roo-fix for those who need it. I introduced her to the carving Grandad made of me chasing these pigs here. Ithink she quite liked it.


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