Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crawling in the crawl space

I wanted to work indoors today because the weather was too bad to mess with our greenhouse. So I hung the new front porch door I made over the weekend. No pictures of that because I got too busy insulating the crawl space above said porch.

I cut two hatches in the ceiling, bought some insulation and made ready. But I wanted somebody around in case my ladder fell, so I waited for Aimee to get back from college where she had been doing some prep or grading or something.

But the sight of my legs dangling as I struggled up into the crawl space was too much for Aimee. Instead of watching my ladder (and my back) she ran for her camera and started snapping shots, effectively blinding me with the flash up in the crawl space.

She got roundly berated for her trouble, but was not fazed.

Nothing new. You can see at the bottom what she's generally like to me. Bad girl.

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