Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Workin' stiffs

No farm posts lately. That's because we're too tired to get anything done. And we're a little depressed, which is usual for this time of our year.

This is the middle of the semester, and we're working quite hard. And, although we are on the run-down to Thankgiving break, the pressure will continue to mount until the last week, when, except for grading, the bubble will pop, and we will deflate.

I would guess that I routinely sleep for twelve hours a day over the Christmas/New Year's break.

Spring term is always more relaxed than fall. For one thing, the worst of the students will have already flunked out. The really pathological cheats, the druggies, the bullies and vandals, the spoiled, the lazy ones. Our small college doesn't get as many of these as other colleges, especially in the cities, but we get a few, and they generally disappear after Christmas. Some never return from Thanksgiving.

Maybe that's why we call it Thanksgiving.

Actually, the worst thing is the so-called helicopter parents of these pathological students. There should be a teacher's prayer: "Lord protect me from parents of spoiled teenagers."

The other thing thta makes the spring progressively easier, is that the days are getting longer, not shorter, and weather better, not worse. The darkness and gloom of the November and December weather is a major contributor to our seasonal mood swings.

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